Frustration-Free Packaging

The Box

Patented Click-lock™ design and tested was born out of consumer demand for more environmental friendly, frustration free packaging. Market demanded a (SIOC) Ship In Own Container to eliminate “box-in-a-box”, “overkill” packaging waste. ‍ No scissors or box cutters needed to open and breakdown like traditional corrugated boxes, just to stuff into the consumer trash can and into the landfills.

Enabling Sustainability

Traditional retail requires packaging to be oversized so that products appeal more to customers while on display shelves. Unlike traditional retail, e-commerce does not require any excess packaging. Frustration-Free Packaging helps rightsize packaging and utilize recyclable materials to further reduce our paper and non-recyclable material consumption.

The Re-NewBox™ Difference

Save space and Time

Click-lock™ design boxes use patented technology to easily fold and lock boxes into place. No tape required for setup. Returns to flat for minimal storage and easy reuse

Less is more

Reduce freight / delivery cost. Less warehouse space needed. 8 to 1 . Free up valuable rack space for your inventory and cut overhead costs.

Less is more

Use less and waste less. Eco-friendly isn't just recycling, it's using less energy, water, rare materials, and labor to manufacture goods and ship them.

Reduce cost

Fewer raw materials required to manufacture. No glue required for manufacture or tape for setup. Lighter than the corrugated box and just as strong.

Increase Throughput

Reduce labor costs. Employees are able to achieve faster cycle times when using Re-NewBox™ and our patented machinery to assemble the box.

Improved Experience

mprove the unboxing experience. ReNewBox arrives clean, dry, reusable, returnable and recyclable. We eliminate the hassle of shipping box disposal.

Patented F2F™ (Flat2Fold) Folder

Don’t expend valuable resource folding slowly by-hand with large volumes. Let the table or floor folder do it for you.

Grow your brand while reducing your carbon footprint

The Click-lock™ design box offers an eco-friendly (carbon off-set) packaging option for businesses and meets the growing demand for frustration-free packaging from the consumer.

Primary/Secondary Packaging

Our Click-lock™ box reduces the required freight and warehouse space to ship and store. Sets up in seconds with no tape required.

Custom Branded Boxes

Brand manufacturers, e-commerce, retailers, e-tailers, or monthly subscription services. Can be custom printed, embossed or de-bossed.

Rigid Setup Boxes

Our rigid setup boxes eliminates taped corners, reduces shipping and storage costs by inventorying flat. Sets up rigid by machine.