Rigid Setup Box Comparison

The Prolem

A setup box or rigid paperboard box is made of heavier weight paperboard, permanently glued together with paper stays and wrapped in printed or colored paper. Unlike folding cartons, these are assembled at the point of manufacture and transported already “set-up”.

Set-up boxes are typically used for protecting high value items or to create a higher perceived value. Also, because they come pre “setup” there is no tooling or added labor to form the box or tray.

Wasted Space

More trucks, more fuel, more labor, more cost. That’s a lot of wasted resources that could have been used elsewhere. 25,000 traditional boxes comes out to 3,125 boxes per full truck load (FTL) requiring eight 53′ trailers.

The Re-NewRigid™ Solution

The Re-NewBox™ Benefit

Re-NewBox™ does not require glue to manufacture or tape to setup. It’s everything in one: shipping box, interior packing box and fancy, rigid gift box. Available plain, printed or laminated, our patented design is shippable using a biodegradable packing bag or envelope (no need for corrugated box). Re-NewBox™ will arrive dry and clean every time. Best of all, it stores flat and is completely reusable, returnable and recyclable.

Patented F2F™ (Flat2Fold) Folder

Don’t expend valuable resource folding slowly by-hand with large volumes. Let the table or floor folder do it for you.