Rigid Setup Box Case Study

The Challenge:

Space and Warehousing Cost

The brand, Salvatore Ferragamo, had 25,000 traditional chipboard setup boxes created for their product line. These were the typical boxes with little to no eco-friendly or carbon-friendly value.

They shipped assembled and setup meaning they were full of air and took up much more cubic feet of shipping and storage space.

8x the resouces

More trucks, more fuel, more labor, more cost. That’s a lot of wasted resources that could have been used elsewhere. 25,000 traditional boxes comes out to 3,125 boxes per full truck load (FTL) requiring eight 53′ trailers.

Our Solution:

The Re-NewBox™ patented design and close loop concept could reduce their carbon footprint, reduce corrugate usage and waste, increase their shipping efficiencies and enhance their customer touch points.

Our product requires less material to make, less trucks and fuel to ship, and less warehouse space for storage. This means your business gets to save money while shrinking its carbon footprint.

Where traditional boxes required eight full 53′ trailers, using Re-NewBox™ boxes would bring that down to just a single less than a truck load (LTL).

Overall, it improves the consumer experience.  The result: fewer trees cut down, a reduced impact on our landfills, and cleaner air for us all.


• If they had gone with the Re-NewBox™ product and method they would have saved on shipping and storage square footage.

• Cut costs associated with trucking and warehousing.

• Reduced their carbon footprint.

Patented F2F™ (Flat2Fold) Folder

Don’t expend valuable resource folding slowly by-hand with large volumes. Let the table or floor folder do it for you.