What's your carbon footprint?

As the world generates trillions of pounds of solid waste each year, it’s clear that a typical landfill is not a solution. We should be searching for ways to solve this issue while rethinking how we use products. We need to look for solutions that allow for the reuse of products and materials, and we need to use that recycled material for production.

The Re-NewBox™ Difference

Re-NewBox™ patented design (SIOC) Ship In Own Container product box is shippable eliminating the need for corrugated (BOX-in-BOX). Arrives at the doorstep in a biodegradable paper shipping envelope and will arrive dry, clean improving the unboxing experience and achieving frustration-free packaging from your Brand to your Consumer. Best of all, it breaks down easily, stores flat, and is completely reusable, returnable, and recyclable. Improve your Brand and customer experience.

Atmospheric Conditioning per TAPPI T-402 and Compression Test per TAPPI T-804 Test Reports

Fewer raw materials required to manufacture. No glue required to manufacture or tape needed to setup. Lighter than the corrugated box while keeping its strength. Less weight, freight and space for storage.

Is It time to RE-THINK™ YOUR BOX?

Stop wasting time, money, and resources shipping bulky corrugated boxes into your warehouse. Ship and store more boxes with less space, labor, fuel, and time than traditional boxes require. Re-NewBox™ ships and stores flat eliminating waste in your supply chain. When you’re ready our boxes fold into shape and lock into place with our patented Click-lock™ design. They also easily unlock and fold flat for storage and reuse. Re-NewBox™ is ready to impact your company’s carbon footprint and make the world a better place, one box at a time.

Re-Think™, Re-Use™, Re-Cycle™

Ships and Stores Flat

Ships flat, reducing the need for truckloads, emissions and expensive freight. Stores flat reducing the amount of warehouse/storage space needed.

Sets up Fast

3 setup options; manual (fold by hand), auto (table-top folder) or (floor folder). Does not require tape.

Return to Flat

By squeezing the sides the box opens up and returns to flat. Then it is ready to store and reuse, return to shipper, or recycle. Never hits the trash can or landfill.