Insert Outsert Use Case

Insert Outsert Use Case

Space, Time, Breaking Down Trays for Reuse or Recycling


.• Traditional Pharma Printers Insert outset trays come already setup, waste space during shipping and storing. Adding cost to freight and warehousing.

• Diecut Trays used as insert outserts have to be folded up (Set-up) by hand by employee and another cost of the tray purchase.

• End-user Pharmaceutical customers have take more time breaking down by and tearing trays rendering the trays not reusable.

Our Solution:

• Ships and stores flat
• Sets up fast by machine
• Returns to flat

The Re-NewBox™ patented design can be machine folded to increase efficiency and reducing labor. They can also easily be returned to flat making them ideal to store large quantities in a limited amount of space. They also setup in seconds when you need them; just fold and lock into place. No tape required.

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Economical and Eco-friendly

The Re-NewBox™ patented design is used to manufacture a variety of paper and chipboard trays in a variety of styles and sizes.

Primarily used in the pharmaceutical and nutriceutical industries as product or information trays. These trays have a high degree of durability and re-usability, extending the life over most other forms of packaging or storage materials.

Patented F2F™ (Flat2Fold) Folder

Don’t expend valuable resource folding slowly by-hand with large volumes. Let the table or floor folder do it for you.