New Solutions to an Old Problem

It’s clear that the world’s current methods of dealing with our waste are not sustainable. Landfills are not a solution. The question is, what do we do? We should seek to end the use of single-use plastics altogether and find products that can be reused. Brands can help make this a reality and make recycling more successful. By developing products that can be easily recycled, they can help to close the loop in a circular economy.

As the world generates trillions of pounds of solid waste each year, it’s clear that a typical landfill is not a solution. We should be searching for ways to solve this issue while rethinking our laws and our lifestyles. We need to look for solutions that allow for the reuse of products and materials, and we need to use that recycled material for production. Consumer brands have the power to help increase the success of the recycling supply chain and can be game changers by creating products that are durable.

Re-NewBox™ is doing our part to improve the environment by reducing the corrugated box waste filling our trash cans and landfills – one box at a time. The Re-NewBox™ patented design and close loop concept allows brand manufacturers,  e-commerce, e-tailers, retailers and subscription services to reduce their carbon footprints, reduce corrugate usage, increase their shipping efficiencies and enhance their customer touch points. Overall, it improves the consumer experience.  The result: fewer trees cut down, a reduced impact on our landfills, and cleaner air for us all.

Our patented Click-lock™ Technology. No tape or glue required.  Returns to flat for minimal storage and reuse. Reduce freight / delivery cost.Less warehouse space needed. 7 to 1 . Free up valuable rack space for your inventory, today! Fewer raw materials required to manufacture. No glue or tape required for assembly. Lighter than the corrugated box.Less freight, weight and storage. Reduce labor costs. Employees are able to achieve  faster cycle times when using ReNewBox and our patented machinery to assemble the box. Improve the unboxing experience. ReNewBox arrives clean, dry, reusable, returnable and recyclable. We eliminate the hassle of shipping box disposal.

Full article here: CNBC

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