Create A Memorable Unboxing Experience #notrashbox

This is by far my biggest pet peeve when shopping with most retailers online.

For all of the investment that went into creating compelling product shots, fancy Facebook ads, and something that is visually interesting that gets me excited to buy it, why drop the ball when the product gets to my door?

For example, here is what a company I recently bought from uses for a Facebook ad:

Here’s what I got in the mail:

Needless to say, I was a little disappointed.

But this happens all the time. No matter what you order, it seems like it almost always comes in the same white or brown package. It cheapens the experience and it destroys the illusion when it matters most.  

It makes me feel silly for buying into the image the brand sold me. Now instead of being part of something, I bought another useless thing that will collect on a shelf or get sent to the thrift store in 6 months.

My colleague Richard wrote 2 articles you must read if you don’t want your customers to share my sentiment:

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Yeah, but custom packaging is too expensive” I want you to consider a few things…

First, there are 19.7 million results on Youtube.

That’s a lot of videos, and there’s a possibility that some of your customers like to shoot unboxing experiences, which of course, equates to free promotion for you.

Likewise, there are over 83,000 results on Instagram tagged #unboxing …

And over 51.7 Million results in Google for the search term “Unboxing

According to this article on CNN, the number of clips on Youtube with “unboxing” in the headline has increased by 871% since 2010 and in the year 2013, there was 2,370 days (or 6.5 years) worth of footage uploaded to the site dedicated to unboxing videos.

In one example, an unboxing video of chocolate eggs containing a small toy received over 35 million views in just 2 years time, meaning there is potential for a massive exposure, which brings to me to my next point…

Second, there are likely people with reach — in your market — who make these videos.

Given the nature of the content, it is viable to consider unboxers as a marketing channel.

There are over two million channels that have “unboxing” either in their channel’s title, or channel description, and that doesn’t even necessarily account for YouTubers who are dedicated to product reviews, tutorials, or recommendations.

So, if you’re saying “Custom packaging & inserts are expensive” I want you to think of these as a marketing and opportunity costs that can both reduce your overall cost per customer acquisition and work as a marketing distribution channel.

Your customer’s don’t live in a vacuum. The unboxing plays such a big role in word-of-mouth referrals, that it’s a detail that is worth investing in.

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