Less Is More

Our study is based on a 8″ x 8″ x 4.5″ 32 ECT box to compare a traditional corrugated cardboard box to the patented Click-lock™ design from Re-NewBox™.

In general, traditional corrugated cardboard boxes are made or 3 layers glued together; a top liner, a zig-zag patterned medium, and a bottom liner. This complex manufacturing process requires glue, more energy, water and paperboard.

Re-NewBox™ foldable boxes are composed of a single layer of 100% recycled 22 pt. paperboard. No glue required for manufacturing or tape required for assembly. The 22 pt. board when folded to setup the box becomes 44 pt. and when paired with a lid becomes 88 pt. You can see how the strength of this product measures up in our Clemson Report.

A Standard Corrugated Box FTL Full Truck Load

52 skids @ 1125 per skid = 55,800 boxes per 53’ trailer load.
Shipping a Full Truck Load (FTL) means you have to have somewhere to unload, store and maintain your product. This means more labor, cubic footage, real-estate, and time needed from you. Those resources also mean spending more money for upkeep and management of those assets.
A 53′ trailer holds 3816 cubic feet of air. (8′ wide by 9′ high by 53′ long. Calculations show a 53′ trailer can hold 13 pallets lengthwise, with an extra 1 foot. These wide trailers fit two rows of pallets. So loaded into every 53′ trailer is 26 pallets. If we loaded air, it would take 3,816 cu ft of air to make a full truck load. But we load a wide variety of shapes, creating air pockets, and irregularities now matter how well the trailer is loaded.

To calculate pallet cubic feet multiply length x width x height. (48″ x 40″ x 28″) with 22″ + 6″ of pallet = 53,760 cu in. Divide 53,760 by 1,728 = 31.1 cu ft.

The Re-NewBox™ LTL Less Than a Truck Load

7 skids @ 7875 per skid = 55,125 boxes per 53’ trailer load.
Shipping less than a truck load (LTL) means there is less cubic feet of storage or warehouse needed on the receiving end. Re-NewBox™ folds flat to pack high volumes of product efficiently into a small space. No more shipping and storing boxes full of air. That frees up more resources for your business to use elsewhere.
Conclusion: Less is more. Re-NewBox™ surpasses the competition by shipping in its own container (SIOC) and returns to flat for minimal storage, transport, and easy reuse. Less weight means less fuel and labor costs and smaller carbon footprint saving time and money.

Re-NewBox™ my not be for every application but in many situations, corrugated carboard boxes or scenarios where multiple corrugated boxes are used; like product packaging being placed in another corrugated box for shipping, can be overkill and wasteful. Our product is more recyclable with no tape to remove or rigid corrugate to breakdown requiring more labor. The product life can also be expanded up to 4x by storing and reusing the product be it hits a landfill of recycling bin.


Re-Cycle™, Re-Use™, Re-Think™

Stop wasting time, money, and resources shipping empty boxes. Re-NewBox™ ships and stores flat eliminating waste in your supply chain. Ship or store more boxes with less space, labor, fuel, and time than traditional boxes require. When you’re ready our boxes fold into shape and lock into place with our patented Click-lock™ technology. They also easily unlock and fold flat for storage and reuse. Re-NewBox™ is ready to impact your company’s carbon footprint and make the world a better place, one box at a time.

Grow your brand while reducing your carbon footprint

The Click-lock™ design box offers an eco-friendly (carbon off-set) packaging option for businesses and meets the growing demand for frustration-free packaging from the consumer.

Primary/Secondary Packaging

Our Click-lock™ box reduces the required freight and warehouse space to ship and store. Sets up in seconds with no tape required.

Custom Branded Boxes

Brand manufacturers, e-commerce, retailers, e-tailers, or monthly subscription services. Can be custom printed, embossed or de-bossed.

Rigid Setup Boxes

Our rigid setup boxes eliminates taped corners, reduces shipping and storage costs by inventorying flat. Sets up rigid by machine.